Natural Dental Gel for dogs Beef Flavour 75ml

Moofurr Natural Dental Gel for dogs Beef Flavour
Moofurr Natural Dental Gel for dogs Beef Flavour

Moofurr Dog Toothpaste 75ml – Toothpaste with Beef Flavour, Against Tartar, Plaque Removal, Dental Care for Dogs

  • Dog Toothpaste with Natural Ingredients: This dog dental gel is enriched with Magnolia Bark and Red Willow extracts, ensuring your dog’s teeth stay fresh and clean.
  • Effective Dog Plaque Remover: Our formula is specifically designed to remove plaque from your dog’s teeth. It acts as a barrier against tartar build-up, promoting a clean mouth and healthy gums.
  • Dog Teeth Cleaning for Dental Health: Regular use of this dog teeth cleaning product helps in maintaining your pet’s dental hygiene, contributing positively to their overall health.
  • Beef-Flavoured Dog Dental Gel: The added beef flavour in this dental gel makes brushing a more enjoyable experience for your furry companion.
  • Safe and Easy-to-Use Dog Breath Freshener: This dog dental gel is safe to be swallowed by your pet, no need for rinsing, ideal for hassle-free dental care.

17.99 EUR

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Moofurr Dental Gel Effective and 100% natural Ingredients Natural origin Ingredients Daily dental Care Moofurr 75ml Natural Beef flavour Dentalgel For dogs Beef flavour Non-vegan Free of hazardous Ingredients Safe to swallow
Moofurr natural dental care. Products provide the perfect support for your dog's oral hygiene, tartar removal and bad breath

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