Natural Dental Gel for dogs flavourless 75ml

Dental Gel for Dogs Moofurr 75 ml
Moofur Dog Toothpaste Proven to remove plaque and Protect against tartar build-up Made with natural extracts of magnolia bark and red 100% natural
Moofurr Natural Dental Gel for dogs flavourless
Consequences of not cleaning your dog's teeth
Moofurr Dental gel's flavorless soothing texture is perfect For dogs, offering a gentle yet effective cleaning experience
Extracts ensure fresh, clean dog teeth without any harm if swallowed
Moofurr natural dental gel can be effortessly applied with a finger Or toothbrush Regular use ensures your pet's gums and teeth stay healthy and clean
Natural Dental Gel for dogs flavourless, Say goodbye to plaque and bad breath, and hello to a healthy smile!
Remove plaque and protect against tartar build-up for dog No harsh chemicals for your pet's best care
Moofurr Dental care for Dogs Easy to apply with a toothbrush or finger Gently massage your pet's teeth and gums daily For optimal dental health
Dental Gel for Dogs Moofurr 75 ml

Moofurr Dog Toothpaste 75ml – Natural dental care for dogs, against tartar, plaque removal – Toothpaste for dogs with magnolia bark, Dental Care Dog Gel

  • Natural Ingredients: Contains natural extracts of magnolia bark and red willow to keep your dog’s teeth fresh and clean.
  • Plaque removal and protection: Dog toothpaste specially formulated to fight and remove stubborn plaque from your dog’s teeth. Protects against tartar build-up and ensures a clean mouth and healthy gums.
  • Healthy gums and teeth: Daily use helps maintain your pet’s dental health and contributes to their overall well-being.
  • Tasteless: Carefully crafted to be tasteless to ensure no dislikes or aversions from your furry friend.
  • Safe for pets: Can be safely swallowed and is vegan.

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Moofurr natural dental gel's for Dogs Flavorless soothing texture is perfect for dogs Offering a gentle yet Effective cleaning experience
Moofurr Natural extracts of Magnolia bark and red willow Ensure fresh, clean teeth without any harm if swallowed

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